Kansas Vulnerable Needs Information System

Kansas Vulnerable Needs Planning System

The Kansas Vulnerable Needs Planning System website allows citizens with special needs the opportunity to provide information that may assist emergency management agencies in planning to meet the needs of vulnerable population members before, during, and after emergencies.

Special Needs Defined

The National Response Framework (NRF) defines those with special needs as: "Populations whose members may have additional needs before, during and after an incident in functional areas including but not limited to: maintaining independence, communication, transportation, supervision and medical care.

Individuals potentially in need of additional assistance during emergencies may include those with have disabilities; those who live in institutionalized settings; the elderly and children; those from diverse cultures; those with limited English proficiency or are non-English speaking; and individuals who are transportation disadvantaged."

United Way 2-1-1

If you or someone you know is a member of a vulnerable population, please take the time to complete the Individual System Form. Be as complete as possible in your responses. After submission of your application, you will be contacted by a representative of United Way 2-1-1 to verify your information. Additionally, United Way 2-1-1 may contact you occasionally to ensure your information in this System is current and accurate.

The information collected here will not be available to the public. Your information will only be released to emergency management agencies to improve their ability to effectively plan for and meet the unique needs of the vulnerable population members. A full HIPAA Disclosure Notice is available at the beginning of all three of the system applications.

Further, this website provides both volunteers and facilities with an opportunity to make information available regarding how they might better assist during emergency events.

Additional Information

Please remember there is no substitute for personal preparation. In an emergency or disaster, the government, emergency management agencies, and/or public safety agencies may not be able to meet your needs.

It is important for all citizens to make individual plans and preparations for their care and safety in any emergency.