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Paying Taxes Under Protest

When to Pay Under Protest

If you believe your tax bill was calculated incorrectly or the property value used by the appraiser is not correct, a payment under protest is appropriate. However, if you feel your taxes are too high, a payment under protest will not help. The taxing jurisdictions hold public hearings annually in the summer to receive ideas from property owners on their budgets and the costs to provide public services.

Protest Forms

When you are ready to pay your taxes under protest, contact the county treasurer for the appropriate protest forms. The forms will need to be completed and submitted to the county treasurer's office when you make your payments.


You will be contacted by the appraiser's office with a date and time for your hearing to discuss the valuation of your property only. Other taxation issues should be directed to the State Board of Tax Appeals.

The payment under protest hearing with the appraiser is just like the informal appeals that are held in the spring. Follow the same general guidelines as if preparing for this hearing.


Pratt County offers employment and provides services and programs in compliance with provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act and with all other federal, state, and local statutes regarding race, color, national origin, sex, religion, or age.

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